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Investment Strategy

Investing in public and private oil & gas companies

Priviti Oil & Gas Opportunities Limited Partnerships invest in private and public oil & gas companies, which may include start-up companies via treasury issuances, shares in private companies purchased in the "grey market", and public oil & gas companies purchased via recapitalization investment opportunities or for catalyst and value-added situations.

Accessing opportunities not available to others

Through our extensive network and the deep relationships of our management, directors and our portfolio managers, we have access to investment opportunities that generally are not available to retail investors.

Purchasing quality shares at discounts

We only invest in quality private oil & gas companies, and regularly purchase shares at significant discounts to Net Asset Value or comparable public company trading multiples.

Making decisions based on research and analysis

We have an in-depth research and fundamental analysis process to support our investment decisions, working with two of the leading portfolio managers in Canada.