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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest in Priviti Limited Partnerships?

Investment in Priviti Limited Partnerships is available only via licensed investment advisors in Canada. Please contact your investment advisor and they can obtain any necessary offering documents for investing in Priviti Limited Partnerships.

Can anyone invest in Priviti Limited Partnerships?

Investment in Priviti Limited Partnerships is available to "accredited investors" only.  There are certain legislated criteria that define an accredited investor, and your investment advisor can assist you in determining your potential status as an accredited investor.

What is "secondary market"?

Also known as the "grey market", shareholdings in privately held energy companies can be bought and sold via arm’s length transactions. Purchases in the secondary market are different than purchases via public exchanges, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange, NYSE or NASDAQ.

How and why was Priviti Capital formed?

Priviti Capital has been investing in a variety of limited partnerships in the Canadian energy market since 2007.  To date, we have raised approximately $285 million in seven separate limited partnerships.  The principals in Priviti Capital obtained their experience in investing by building and managing EnerVest Management Ltd from 1998 to 2006.  At the time, EnerVest managed over $2 billion in assets, including the largest closed-end trust in Canada. 

I have some shares in private energy companies that I am interested in selling.  Can I do that via Priviti?

Yes, feel free to contact us to determine the most appropriate mechanism for conducting such a transaction.

What is a "liquidity event"?

Since we often invest in shares of private energy companies, our investors obtain liquidity on their holdings when one of our underlying investments has a "liquidity event".  These liquidity events can come via an Initial Public Offering, a sale for shares in a publicly listed company or a sale for cash.  In the event that the liquidity event results in Priviti obtaining publicly listed shares (either via the IPO or sale for shares), we will generally sell the publicly listed shares in an orderly fashion and distribute the proceeds to our investors.   

What type of reporting and overall transparency is provided to investors in Priviti Limited Partnerships?

We provide annual audited financial statements (audited by Pricewaterhousecoopers) and quarterly un-audited financial statements.  We also provide all required tax filings to our investors (T5013s).  In addition, upon each distribution, we provide a detailed breakdown of the capital gain, return of capital and overall return on investment.  Lastly, share certificates in all investments made by Priviti Limited Partnerships are held in a separate custodianship account at CIBC Wood Gundy.  We pride ourselves on the quality, detail and timeliness of our reporting.