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Company Profile

Introducing a new kind of private equity firm

Priviti Capital specializes in the Canadian energy market. We syndicate and manage a variety of private equity funds that invest in quality private and public energy companies. We offer investment opportunities to retail, high net-worth investors that are normally only available to institutional investors.

Quality investment opportunities in start-up oil & gas companies

Priviti Capital launched its first fund targeting direct investments in quality private and public oil & gas companies in Spring 2011 - Priviti Oil & Gas Opportunities LP 2011.  Our team, directors, and extensive relationships provide unparalleled access to quality investment opportunities for our investors.

Liquidity creates secondary market opportunities

Priviti Capital has raised over $220 million in six separate Funds that purchase shares of private energy companies from existing investors (primarily institutions) that are selling for liquidity purposes. This market is called the secondary market, which is also commonly referred to as the "grey" market.